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Employee Healthcare, Simplified.

Over a hundred major Indian companies have chosen Qube Health to help them manage and administer employee health, while reducing costs. Using Advanced Data Sciences, the largest aggregation of healthcare service providers in India and a mission to 'make healthcare simple'. Qube Health helps employers take good care of the health of their real business assets - their people.

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About Qube Health
India’s Most Respected Workplace Healthcare Management Company,
Qube works across ten industries to help them manage employee health. With an immediate reduction in costs and a measurable impact on the employee's health & well-being.
Employees love the Qube Health platform and use it to store their medical records and to also find, review and buy healthcare nationwide.
By 2022, QubeHealth will have One Million individuals on its Health-Tech platform.
Super Aggregator

With 11,000+ Health Service Providers (Hospitals & Clinics) across India and counting, we bring the power of aggregation to our Customers.

Predictive Health Planning

Using our seriously cool, A.I. system, coupled with some really smart medical practitioners, we work tirelessly to find patterns, that help us lead a healthier life.

Million Lives

We’re on track to manage the lives of over One Million individuals by 2022. Making Healthcare Simplified
& Affordable.

Healthy employees build better companies.

Healthcare Services Super-Aggregator, driven by A.I. and Data Science.


Aggregation Advantage

11,000 Health Service Providers (Hospitals & Clinics) as Partners, we work to make Healthcare Simplied & Affordable for you.


Predictive Planning

Using our seriously cool, A.I. system, coupled with some really smart medical practitioners, we work tirelessly to find patterns, that help us lead a healthier life

Start with a


Finding Patterns, IMPROVING LIVES.

At Qube Health, we’re looking at Health Data, that is ‘voluntary & verifiable’. Finding predictive patterns that can help our Customers plan their own or their organisation’s health better.

We’re working with large Corporations and Organizations to help them manage their Employee Health, better. Those Employees, then become our long term Customers and we then work with them to help them manage their own, as well as their family’s health.


We employ over 30,000 people across the country. I needed a single dashboard to track their health. Qube Health was it.

Head HR, Large Fast Food Chain

I got my boring company-sponsored healthcheck done and then realised that it was not-that-boring after all. I’m hooked on to the Qube Health Dashboard.

Corp. Customer, Advertising Agency

I’ve long been telling my patients that their own and their family’s health is a derivative of their family history and their own lifestyle. Now I can view what those patterns look like on the Dashboard.
Dr. Uma N.


Intelligent Dashboard

Personalized Knowledge

Predictive Planning

A.I. led Data Science

Health Vault

Safe Record keeping

Single Window

Healthcare Purchases




We’re looking for people who get things done. We’re looking for people who understand processes and people. We’re looking for people who can simplify a complex business, in their head and then on paper and then through technology. If you have had prior experience in an intensive operations role, for a minimum of three years, preferably in India, then you should talk to us.



Data Science Experts

If you believe the future is a better version of the movie ‘Her’ or ‘Ex-Machina’ or ‘Blade Runner’. If you believe everyone else doesn’t really “get A.I.” and the true potential of what it can and cannot do. Then you could have a spot within our team of ‘Data Dudes’. If you instantly recognised the movies we’ve mentioned above, then you should talk to us.



Business Development Rockstars

Do you think you’re the smartest person in any room? Do you have a personality that lights up a room when you walk in? Do you like the idea of talking to large organisations and showing them things that they have never seen? Are you known as a “people’s person”. If you have the ‘Hustle’, then we have the ‘flow’. Talk to us.




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