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14 Jun

Your Periods Are Trying To Tell You Something


When we talk about menstruation in our culture, we tend to focus on all the ways it can be seriously unpleasant, with lots of attention paid to the emotional effects of premenstrual syndrome or PMS and almost none to what is actually happening in our body every month.

It is important to pay attention to small details of changes in your cycle, as it could be a sign of a health issue, which needs to be dealt with properly.

Sudden shifts when it comes to how heavy your flow is, where you cramps rank on the pain scale, spotting between cycles and many other changes are clues your period is sending out to you suggesting that there might be a minor issue or it could also be something serious.

Almost all of us deal with fatigue, cramps and other minor issues during menstruation, but if you are dealing with extreme symptoms, it might be time to get preventive health care. Women’s full body health checkup is needed at least once in six months to be sure that nothing is going wrong with your body. The stigma that surrounds menstruation in our culture makes people suffer in silence since they believe that what they are dealing with is normal but these are the signs which tell people to get a comprehensive medical checkup for females.


To give you an idea about your periods and what they are trying to convey to you, we have compiled a list of a few things that need to be monitored;

1. Regularity – It is important to track whether you are getting regular periods or not, this means that getting it on a regular schedule and not having an irregular cycle. If you don’t have a regular period, it might indicate signs like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome among others,

2. Unusually Painful Cramps – If normal medications don’t stop the pain of the cramps, it a clue that you must visit your doctor for a regular women’s health check-up to find out the reason behind the extreme pain which at times could be endometriosis.

3. Persistent, Heavy Bleeding – Normal bleeding is if you bleed more than 60-80 ml per cycle. Heavy periods are common and should be nothing to worry about unless you are facing it for several days consistently.

4. Intense Fatigue – Being a little tired during your menstrual cycle is normal but if you get completely exhausted, you might be anemic during your cycle. This sign is worth chatting with your physician about as they might help you get your iron levels up.

5. Period-like cramping mid-cycle – In case you experience cramps when you are not bleeding or in the middle of your cycle, you must schedule an appointment with your doctor since this could be a sign of ovarian cysts too.


There are a variety of options and there is no reason for anyone to suffer in silence. Menstruation is one way that our bodies send us messages about what is going on with it and we don’t listen to those messages, there could be serious consequences. There are many affordable preventive health packages available, which would keep us updated on how healthy our body is and how well it is functioning. Getting health checkup packages would be ideal to make sure you won’t miss out on any signs given by your body.


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