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19 Jan

Why Switchel is the Gut-Friendly Drink You Need

If you are feeling like you need a “pick me up” on some days of the week you may go to the nearby grocery store and buy yourself energy drink or eat enough chocolate to have a sugar rush which in turn will add so many unwanted calories. The good news is that now you do not need to look outside of the home in order to get your “pick me up”. With Switchel, a few easy to find ingredients in your kitchen is all you will need.

What is Switchel you may be wondering? It’s pretty simple. It is a mix of water, vinegar, and ginger which is made sweet with the use of molasses along with maple syrup and/or honey. This is not a new drink, it has been around for a lot longer than we have with the first trace going back to the farmers of New England in the early 1600s.

Now, you might be wondering what are the benefits of Switchel? This serves the purpose of an all-natural sports drink that is topped up with electrolytes. The properties of some of the ingredients help in many aspects, for example, ginger helps with inflammation and vinegar with digestion. It also helps that it can be consumed if it is hot or cold, cool or warm making it the ideal homemade energy drink.

If you’re thinking about what is the use of a Switchel drink it should be pretty clear by now.  The energizing properties along with the ease of preparation make this the ideal energy drink for all. How do you make a Switchel energy drink and how do you make a Switchel drink with ginger? There are umpteen recipes easily available all over the internet that will give you step by step instructions and handhold you through what is otherwise a simple process that you will only need to learn once. After this, you will want to make more, and this is not only great for taste but also for your health.

The healthy aspect of this drink can help you out in many situations outside of your day to day life. The apple cider vinegar is great and the fact that it has some form of a fermented ingredient means that there is no chance of the energy drink containing any level of alcohol. There is also no caffeine content as there is no tea or coffee in this drink, ingredients that other natural energy drinks may contain. The ingredients in the Switchel are ready and packed with natural energy. So, if you have corporate health check services at work, or corporate health check-ups, you can walk in with a smile on your face because the Switchel will take care of a lot of problems for you, form calories to tiredness.

This makes your life so great, it works for you as a preventive health package. This is a must-try drink if you are exercising or not, fit or getting there, the Switchel is made for you.

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