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29 Jan

Tips to improve your posture

Don’t slouch! Sit up straight! We’ve all heard these statements from someone or the other. However, we rarely take such warnings seriously and probably most of us regret not listening to them too. But after you become an adult you realize the importance of posture for your health. But, starting off now too, maybe a good idea to improve your posture. It’s never too late.

Work on your posture by considering the following tips:
Why is it important to sit up straight?
It is said that not sitting upright can cause a lot of issues that can be harmful to your body. Sitting up straight is important because it decreases the excessive force that the joints need to absorb. Posture is more than just a purpose of the way someone stands or sits. If you want to reduce the stress and strain on your spine you should start by sitting or standing in a good posture.
What are the Benefits of a good posture?
Some of the benefits of a good posture are listed below:

  1. You will have a better personality:
    Facing problems while walking or doing some physical exercise/activity? The cause of this could be due to poor posture. Having a good posture tells you about your personality. After you improve it you will realize that you are in better shape than before.
  2. Will help you breathe easily:
    If your posture is not good you can go through breathing problems. Slouching can force your airways to contract and can make it hard for you to breathe. A slouched back leaves your ribcage in an inappropriate position, which adds a lot of pressure on your lungs. Poor posture can make it very difficult for you to breathe.

Why is poor posture harmful?
If you sit in a wrong posture for long periods of time without anyone disturbing you can cause postural backache. There can be a lot of reasons as to why you have a posture problem but for sure it’s not because of laziness. It is never to late to improve your posture. Here are some causes of poor posture on your health:

  1. Obesity:
    If your weight is more than what it is supposed to be, it is obvious that you will have a hard time Improving your posture or sitting in a good posture. It is said that it is very difficult for an obese person to sit in the right posture and to carry out a task which includes flexibility and balance. Now it’s high time for you to start exercising. It may also be a good idea to run an employee a health check-up in your workspace.
  2. Pregnancy:
    It is important for a pregnant woman to take care of her posture. 
    Due to the weight of the baby, it is difficult for her to sit in a good posture. Poor posture often also leads to backache and pelvic pain during pregnancy. To improve this pain, work on your pelvic floor muscles to guarantee your body is able to cope with a lot of workloads and stick to wearing comfortable shoes.

How do you maintain a good posture?
The most important thing is to exercise your back muscles every day. Don’t slouch and stand up straight when you are leaning to your desk. The more you think to correct your posture every day, the better your posture will improve.
It is very important to have a good posture because a bad posture can cause a lot of pain. In case, you think that you have a bad ache in your back you should immediately take a preventive health care package with your doctor.

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