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28 Nov

Things you shouldn’t say to a girl on her periods

If there is one thing that everyone should be aware of (girls and boys), is what you should or shouldn’t say to a girl who’s on their period. From handling the hormonal changes, submerging yourself under pain to being irritable and annoyed constantly, these are some of the things that happen to a girl on her period. So, for all you boys, save yourself the trouble and keep not only yourself but also your girl happy on her period by following these things:

  1. Never say “What? Are you on your period or something?’’- If she says no, then you are in trouble. If she says yes, then you are in bigger trouble. If a woman is showing extra emotions, it doesn’t always mean that she is showing signs of being on her periods.
  2. Never say “Cramps don’t hurt that bad”- One of the biggest mistakes that boys make is when they blurt out statements like “cramps aren’t painful” or “cramps don’t hurt as much”. Yes, girls feel a tremendous amount of inevitable throbbing pain. So instead of assuming, boys can help their girlfriends by comforting them by giving them chocolate or getting a hot water bag.
  3. Never ask her if she is ever going to change out of her pajamas- Once again when your girlfriend is on her period, she is in pain. Instead of asking her this, why not encourage her to feel comfortable in whichever manner suits her best.
  4. Never say this ‘’Talk to me only when your period is over” – This is not the right way to talk to a woman at all, leaving aside saying this when she is menstruating. Some of the things that you should not do when a girl is menstruating (this applies to both the girl and the boy) are you should not lose patience and get irritated quickly. It is better if both of you take time to re-evaluate the situation, work constructively and sensitively to resolve any issues that may arise.
  5. Never say “FYI, I’m not buying you sanitary napkins/pads/tampons.”- The least a boy can do for his girlfriend when she is on her period is to be mature enough to buy period essentials if she requires. Apart from this, getting her a tub of ice cream or anything else she loves won’t hurt too much. You’ll earn some brownie points.

Sometimes periods can be horrible and sometimes they may not be the worst thing happening to a girl. However, it is always better to show your girl some love and respect. Try to make your life and her life easier by following these do and don’ts. In case, there seems to be any uncalled for situations like delayed periods or irregular menstruation do not hesitate to seek professional help by availing women health check-up packages at a clinic near you!

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