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19 Jul

Nitrate urine test


Nitrates are forms of nitrogen and the presence of nitrates in urine could indicate an infection. The presence of nitrates is usually because of a urinary tract infection (UTI). It is usually diagnosed with a test called urinalysis. 


Technical Purpose:

Urinalysis helps find illness at early stages such as kidney and liver-related diseases, diabetes and pregnancy checkups.


Test Process: 

The health professional will ask for a “clean-catch” sample of urine. For this, a clean sample is needed, which is pure and free from bacteria. After allowing some urine to flow, some urine must be collected and submitted. The procedure to tests include visual tests to check the color of the urine, microscopic tests to check for smaller things and a dipstick test where the color on the sticks change if chemical levels in urine are above normal.


Test Outcomes:

In the case of nitrituria, the urine sample will be sent for a urine culture test. The results take 3 days. Untreated infection can cause life-threatening sepsis 




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