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7 Feb

Loving yourself isn’t Sanity it’s Vanity

What does self Loving mean?
Self-love is the small act of love we show towards ourselves. So a lot of people ask how do you love yourself? May be by taking yourself for a drive while listening to your favourite songs or eating candy in a shabby manner like you did while you were a kid – just to feel the happiness or satisfaction. ‘Self-love’ and ‘self-care’ go hand in hand. Self-care cannot exist without one loving themselves. The definition of self-love states “ regard for one’s own well-being and happiness”. But the question is, do we? Do we have to prioritise or invest time in loving ourselves?

What is the importance of self-love?
We live in a society where ‘what others want’ is emphasized over ‘what I want’. When one loves their own self, they exercise independent thoughts where priority is given to “I” then “they”. What society thinks no more becomes a pressurizing factor on them. The image of having an ideal self makes us find flaws in our self. The moment you learn to accept yourself for the person you are, you will start loving yourself. Knowing you look good, for instance, doesn’t make you full of yourself. Being extra is just another way of you loving yourself and well isn’t that what self-love is all about? Doing what you love without having to think about what others will think about it?
Self-love isn’t a destination where one needs to reach as soon as it is decided, it is a practice. Without self-love, one has nowhere to put the love or abundance that comes to them. It is like an ‘inside job’. We need to create space for it inside ourselves to practise it.

Power and importance of self-love and how it can change your life:

Having low self-esteem i.e., negative perception about self, or considering self as useless leads to one criticising everything they do and making themselves feel worthless. This affects the overall development and progress of a person. Self-love doesn’t require us to be hard on ourselves. When we face challenges like a failure, having confidence in oneself helps to “rise above” the circumstances. Such is the power of self-love. It helps in getting a clearer image of what we want for ourselves.
Self-love is giving the nurture, rest, comfort that our body needs and deserves, to the best of our ability. It is the process of building a life that we love rather than waiting for a “prince charming” to do it for us. Self-love is ignoring what the society comments on you and following your gut feeling, and abiding by it.

There is no one in the world who can offer us all of this. Even if we get our “ David Beckham”, and do not love ourselves, nothing that the person does will ever make us happy.
Thus, we don’t have to be beautiful for someone to love us or we don’t have to behave in a particular manner for the “significant one” to love us, because the only significant one whose love we need is OUR LOVE TOWARDS OURSELVES. Know that it is OKAY to LOVE yourself first before loving others – this is called “self-love” and not “selfish” -ness.

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