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2 Jun

Losing your V – Card? 5 things you need to be prepared with.


Has the much-awaited day arrived? The next 5 minutes of your time will definitely help you prepare for the big ‘OH’.

The one thing that you need to keep in mind is that there is no turning back. Losing your virginity earlier than others does not mean you’re skanky and holding back for some time does not mean you’re a dud. The time is right when you feel it is right.

What happens after you lose your virginity? You have better sex! It just gets better with time and experience. Well, of course, the first time is the ‘best sex ever’ because you have nothing to compare it to. If you’re a girl there is a fair chance that you will not experience an orgasm the first time, doctors have reported cases where girls have not experienced an orgasm for years even after having regular intercourse.

Physical symptoms after losing virginity-

Over time your body will start changing and responding to the new activity that you have introduced your body to.

  1. Vaginal lubrication will change.
  2. Your clitoris will swell and the uterus will move slightly upward every time you get aroused.
  3. Breasts become more firm during intercourse.
  4. Blood circulation to the nipples increases making them more sensitive and tender.
  5. The body releases ‘feel good’ hormones like serotonin which makes your skin glow.

These are some things to expect after losing your virginity.

What do you need to be prepared?

1. Popping the cherry?

Every vagina need not bleed like a waterfall after penetration. Some women might not even bleed at all! It’s a very subjective outcome, although you do want to be prepared right? Bleeding occurs when the hymen ruptures. All women have different amounts of Hymenal tissue in their body, in rare cases women are not born with a hymen. You might want to keep the light on for this!

2. Protection

Cliché right? Well, it’s definitely not something you can ignore. Just to clarify, you can get pregnant while having sex for the first time; we all want a free pass! If not for pregnancy you should make your partner wear a condom to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. There is always a chance someone is not being completely honest, better safe than sorry.

3. Watch a lot of porn?

Whatever you do, do not copy what you watch in a porn film. It’s alright to watch a film to spice things up and understand how things work (just so you don’t slip into the wrong hole), but it’s not necessary your partner might enjoy that violent thrusting in those acrobatic positions. Definitely do not replicate what you watch on screen, understand your partner and explore their body.

4. Warm up before the match

Foreplay is quintessential; it gets those hormones running and lubricates the vagina over time. Imagine going down a water slide without any water. Yes, that’s what it feels like! Make sure you get those hormones flowing before the act. There is a phenomenon called ‘ballooning’ or ‘tenting’ that occurs in the vaginal canal after arousal, this opens up the canal and allows smooth penetration. Without ballooning penetration can be really painful (minus the pleasure). Foreplay also helps dudes get a stronger erection so it’s really a win-win scenario!

5. Lube

Experts around the globe cannot seem to stress enough on lube; it’s not just for older people who cannot seem to get wet anymore.  Adding lube to your act is like adding salt to food, it just makes everything better! Fair warning: Using oil-based lubes can reduce the efficiency of latex condoms; there are latex based lubricators available in the market which is always a wiser option!

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