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20 Jun

Working at a PR and marketing agency? Chances are you may be working too hard!


The PR and media industry has really exploded in recent years in this ever-expanding market. With this, there has simultaneously been a great increase in the number of PR, digital marketing, and media-related jobs. Because so many people are willing to work so much more and harder than expected, these crazy hours and unimaginable work schedules have become the unwritten norm in this industry. However, this has led to many people in the industry being forced to work much harder than usual, for longer hours, without which their careers might suffer. Because of this, many employees are doing what’s needed at the expense of their health. This also raises concerns about people’s priorities, and a bigger problem is that many don’t even realize that these crazy hours and harder than usual work life can have a negative impact on a person’s well-being. Here are a few pointers to help you get through it safely.

Ways to identify that you’re working too hard:

  • Do you work so hard that you start being less productive?
  • Do you start missing sleep, resulting in fatigue during your working hours?

A great way to minimize any of these risks is to take some precautionary measures;

1. Ensure that your posture is good at your workplace.

2. Take regular breaks from the computer.

3. Eat healthy whenever possible.

4. If your company offers an employee health check-up, then definitely take them up on it. Some organizations offer a free annual health check-up for employees, which may be too little for some, so feel free to go to your own doctor and get any other check-ups done as well. Employee health check-ups in media agencies maybe a little less frequent than ideal, so it’s best to monitor it yourself.

5. You should also consider some good preventive health check-up packages which can easily be researched online.

Now that you know the things to look out for and what to avoid, the main thing is to balance out your hard-working hours and maintain a healthy balance of life and work.

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