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22 Dec

How an organization can help its employees quit smoking

As a matter of fact, we all know that smoking is injurious to health and that it should not be practiced on a regular basis. Still, cigarettes are smoked by over 1 billion people, which is nearly 20% of the world’s population in 2014. About 800 million of these smokers are men.

Also, helping smokers quit not only saves lives— but it also saves everyone a lot of money. These savings come from lower healthcare costs, increased workplace productivity, and prevented premature deaths. This is great for an organization as well as for their employees.

Below are the 5 Tips to quit smoking that can also show us how to help employees quit smoking:

  1. Set Up a Smoking Cessation Program: If your organization does not conduct a Cessation program, then one must take the first step and conduct one for the healthy sanity of the corporate. This is the best way to quit smoking. These programs include courses that help employees quit smoking which wouldn’t have been possible without a Cessation program. These also include courses like access to trained counselors and behavioral therapy to help employees break the habit. They also provide one with nicotine replacement programs.
  2. Give rewards to those who actually quit: When employees quit smoking, it can actually act as a financial boon to the company as it saves your company from putting in a lot of money in healthcare and productivity losses. Employees who quit smoking must actually be rewarded with cash prizes or gift cards or granted an extra leave if they quit smoking for more than 6 months at a stretch and then eventually quit the habit. These kinds of incentives give them a certain kind of boost to quit the unhealthy habit of smoking.
  3. Remind them about the benefits of quitting: Even though people know that smoking is injurious to health, a reminder about its causes and consequences wouldn’t hurt anybody and save the employees the added costs of health insurance plans.
  4. Do not Judge: Passing a judgment towards people who smoke will never let the company achieve its goal, in fact, the company must always be supportive enough, which might help the employees to approach them in the future to actually support their decision of quitting.
  5. Never Give Up: Quitting smoking is not an easy job, and hence the company must never give up on them and encourage them to try it again. They must also know that they can sign up for the cessation program whenever they want to quit again and that they will be rewarded for it. Encouragement from the company’s side will only boost their confidence to try again.

Finally, the company must look after the employee diagnostic checkups, employee health insurance checkups and employee health checkups. These can give insight into the health of the employees.

In conclusion, quitting smoking is extremely difficult, but people do it every day. By offering these tips to quit smoking, one can encourage employees to finally give up this bad habit. But the key is to NEVER STOP TRYING.

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