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11 Jun

Desk job? Here are the problems you need to be careful with.


Are you currently working at a desk job? A nine to five job that you are going to for five days a week, sometimes six? The workload and stress surely take a toll on your body and because of that, health issues are soon to follow. Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect solutions to these problems you’re facing.

Low back pain (LBP) and work-related neck pain (WNP) are the most common issues that take place when you are working for a desk job. These issues are not as small as you think they are. If taken lightly, they might turn into something very big in the future. Hence measures have to be taken immediately.

There are various kinds of measures that you can take. The company can have an EMPLOYEE HEALTH CHECK-UP so that all the employees have been checked up and have been treated well. This way, if they have any issues, they can be resolved and the problem won’t elevate further. EMPLOYEE HEALTH CHECK-UP is important for the company as well as an individual since at the end of the day, everyone wants to know the real picture of their own health.

There are multiple reasons why employee wellness is of utmost importance.

Here are a few benefits of employee wellness:
● Lower stress level
● Improved physical fitness and stamina
● Improved health and wellbeing and self-esteem
● Enhanced personal and professional relationships
● Reduced personal healthcare costs
● Decreased rates of chronic diseases

A company’s productivity rests solely on the employee’s well being and performance. Along with employees getting checked up, the company also needs to have a CORPORATE HEALTH CHECK-UP so that they can also be treated and can have all their problems or issues resolved.

The EMPLOYEES MEDICAL CHECK-UP is important as there are statistics that prove that a number of employees get a lot of medical problems just by sitting on a chair for a number of days. These back and neck problems can prove to be very problematic and can have a lot of negative effects in your older age.

These problems can be prevented and can be avoided with PREVENTIVE MEDICAL CHECK-UPS, which the company should provide so that the employees don’t have to go through these problems at all. Also, under section 80 D from 2012 onwards, The Government of India has announced a tax benefit of Rs.5000 for preventive health checkups.

In companies, EMPLOYEE MEDICAL CHECK-UP is of utmost importance nowadays. Without it, employees are going to have medical issues in the long run, which will not only be bad for them but for the company as well.

One last thing that companies can still do is – CORPORATE PREVENTIVE HEALTH CARE plans. These plans help the company out a lot and can also help in preventing or avoiding any problems at all that might come up in the future. These measures, if taken properly, can really help the company out and can not only help in avoiding health issues but will keep the employees healthy and fit which will result in getting better results from them.

According to the ASSOCHAM report called ‘Preventive Healthcare and its impact on the Corporate Sector’, every rupee spent on prevention saves Rs.133 in absenteeism costs and Rs.6.62 in healthcare costs for companies. The report also states that preventive health check-ups can also have a positive effect on reducing absenteeism and impact the economic health of corporates.

It is necessary to keep the employees fit. Hence it is necessary that employee medical checkups and the preventive checkups are taken very seriously.

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