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23 Jul

Cesium Test

Brief summary:

Cesium is a naturally-occurring element found in rocks, soil, and dust at low concentrations. It is present in the environment only in the stable form of 133 Cesium. Cesium can be absorbed after oral ingestion, upon breathing contaminated air and through contact with the skin. Cesium is readily absorbed across the brush border of the intestines in a manner similar to potassium and most are eventually excreted through the urine and feces. The biological half-life of Cesium in humans ranges from 15 days in infants to 100-150 days in adults.


Test Process:

A blood test or urine test can be taken to record the levels of cesium present in one’s body


Test Precaution:

No precaution is necessary. 15-20 days after the exposure, a cesium test can be done.


Test Outcome:

Cesium concentration in serum of 0.74 ng/ml, and in red blood cells of 4.82 ng/g.



Cesium Toxicity






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