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Category: Corporate Wellness

18 Oct

Health Data: Tracking, managing, and improving lives

Chris George, Co-Founder & CEO, QubeHealth shares his views on digital healthcare The pandemic has been a powerful catalyst in driving innovations in healthcare. From telehealth, to remote healthcare management through smart devices and more. Health IT adoption skyrocketed post-pandemic as patients, hospitals, and healthcare systems increasingly relied on digital health technologies for healthcare access and delivery, setting the stage for exponential growth and innovation in...
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8 Oct

Fin-Tech for Health-Tech; Changing how we pay for healthcare

Fin-Tech for Health-Tech
There have been enough comments and written papers, about the idea of ‘digital health’ and how providing virtual care in this environment of restrictions on personal interactions, has forced patients and doctors to adopt methods of remote consultations and other aspects of ‘tele-health’. This is all true. However, the word I have used above is “effectively” change The pandemic has been an unlikely catalyst across industries....
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23 Sep

QubeHealth, Nova partner to start full coverage employee health benefits product

QubeHealth, an embedded-finance, and health tech company on Tuesday announced to partner with Bengaluru-based employee wellness startup Nova Benefits for launching a full-coverage, employee health benefits product that combines 0% pre-approved healthcare financing, health insurance, and a healthcare marketplace for Indian corporates and their employees. The combination of 0% financing with health insurance takes aim at the massive out-of-pocket expenditure (OoPE) spends on healthcare by Indians...
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27 Aug

Top 5 Trends in Health Tech in 2021

Chris George, an alumnus of New York University and St. Mary’s University, Texas, is a serial entrepreneur with an experience ranging over two decades. In 2001, Chris launched EasyBuyMusic (EBM), funded by ICICI Ventures & News Corp, a pioneering e-commerce player that truly ushered in the online revolution in India & later morphed into the EBS Worldwide Group. A technology, marketing, scalability & execution veteran, he’s...
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23 Aug

QubeHealth to launch interest-free, pre-approved healthcare credit card

QubeHealth's pre-approved interest-free credit facility will be available to employed Indians to pay for any healthcare expenses for themselves and their family members across 11,000 hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other health service providers in India QubeHealth, a health tech company focused on mitigating Out-of-Pocket-Expenditure (OoPE), has partnered with OboPay, a global mobile payment solutions company, to launch a 0% interest, collateral-free, pre-approved healthcare credit card for...
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7 Jul

Why Should Indian Companies Care? (Part 2 of 2)

Employee Benefits Plan
Continuation of the 2-part commentary about Employers, Employees and Workplace Benefits for Healthcare, that have now become a center-stage conversation for all #CompaniesThatCare …Do Indian Employers care? I think they do. They just don’t know what are their options. Options, that achieve the following 3 things: 1. Keep their employees happy. 2. Keep their CFO happy. 3. Keep their lives easy (well, at least in their role as an...
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2 Jul

Why Should Indian Companies Care? (Part 1 of 2)

As Indian states consider yet another un-lock and the rising fear of a COVID19 “third wave” looming large, companies big and small across India are faced with an HR topic to deal with — their ‘Employee Healthcare Benefits’ program. At least for those companies that have such a program in place. For those that don’t, well it’s about time. In a time of growing consciousness around healthcare, companies...
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25 Jun

The Great Indian Fear Factory: The Healthcare System

As I write this, India has had 28+ Million cases for COVID19 and over 300,000 Deaths. But this writing is not about that. It’s about the fact that all across India, EMPLOYERS are scrambling to organize and pay for vaccinations for their employees — driven by, one part business exigency, one part corporate altruism, and two parts HR strategy. (Full disclosure: We are one such...
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25 Oct

Annual Health Checks for Food Handlers in India

Why is Food Safety Important? Food borne illnesses have become common amongst the youth. Increase in number of food joints has become an addiction within the youth. Hence, food safety is important as it helps consumers to avoid the risks of food borne diseases. It also helps consumers to prevent various risks related to health such as allergy or even death. Who manages Food Safety Standards in...
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29 Jan

Tips to improve your posture

Don’t slouch! Sit up straight! We’ve all heard these statements from someone or the other. However, we rarely take such warnings seriously and probably most of us regret not listening to them too. But after you become an adult you realize the importance of posture for your health. But, starting off now too, maybe a good idea to improve your posture. It’s never too late. Work on...
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