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23 Oct

Artificial Intelligence – Aiding Healthcare


“Success in creating Artificial Intelligence would be the biggest event in human history”   – Stephen Hawking

Firstly, what is Artificial Intelligence?

When one mentions ‘Artificial Intelligence’, most of us visualize a team of science fiction-inspired robots working just the way humans do and making their lives easier and better. While that’s something that could come into play in the future, artificial intelligence, it starts off pretty basic.

In layman’s terms, Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computer program to learn and think just the way a human does.

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is a branch of computer science that helps to analyze complex medical data. The automated solution will think just like a doctor and will be more accurate than a human. What artificial intelligence will also do is give us a lot more information through the data that is collected. With the population increasing at a rapid pace, often visits the doctors are like ‘power sessions’ that last just a few minutes. This is where artificial intelligence can step in and offer solutions.
Artificial Intelligence helps to maintain this information about various health conditions, treatments, and medical technology, essentially acting like a doctor that has known everything about your medical history.

Artificial Intelligence is definitely the future of the healthcare sector and will aid the doctors with better and faster treatments of the massive population. Human physicians will not be replaced by the AI, rather, they will be assisted. There are infinite examples where Artificial Intelligence behaves smartly like humans.

Here are a few benefits of Artificial Intelligence –

  1. Managing medical reports and data
    Artificial Intelligence will compile and analyze data and information of millions which will give better consistency.
  2. Doing repetitive jobs
    Machines will analyze tests, X-rays, CT scans, data entry and other tasks much faster and more accurately.
  3. Treatment designs
    It not only helps to analyze notes and reports from the patient’s files but also selects the correct and customized treatment for the patient.
  4. Digital consultation
    AI offers a recommendation action, taking into account the user’s medical history.
  5. Virtual nurses
    How much fun will it be to have robotic nurses taking care of you all day? Soon, digital nurses will help people monitor the patient’s condition and follow up with treatments, between doctor visits.
  6. Drug creation
    Developing pharmaceuticals through clinical trials cost millions; AI makes drug creation faster and cheaper.

AI is on a rise, both, in healthcare and in general.

So, have you started relying on doctors and other healthcare professionals for your life? Because most of the people have. There are people dying of a heart attack at the age of 20 years. It has now become a necessity to get your body checked regularly.

Many corporates have even started providing their employees with health check-up packages. EasyBuyHealth provides various healthcare services to many corporates. Services like regular check-ups, medication, and treatments that even lets machines store and analyze the data through Artificial Intelligence are provided by EasyBuyHealth.

In India, there is an increase in the use of Artificial Intelligence in many start-ups and large ICT companies. Companies like Niramai, MUrgency, Advancells, Portea, AdvanceHealth, and LiveHealth are a few start-ups. Hence, preventive health care services are undertaken.

But, what about the people in the rural areas where these machines aren’t available?
Well, Artificial Intelligence helps the doctors and professionals to undergo treatment of patients as the direct/physical reach of professionals is tough.

With its ability to collect and analyze data of patients having the same disease and the rest with similar symptoms, AI can help prevent the cause and spread of the epidemic.

Artificial intelligence is ready to help the healthcare sector to change the past and fight the hurdles faced in the future. AI is here to stay and more importantly, help us out!

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