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13 Feb

A Healthy Valentine’s Day – 6 Ways to Celebrate

The phrase “love is in the air” is truly justified on this one particular day. This day is recognized as a significant celebration of romance. On this day everything is seen in the shape of a heart and in the color red. This D-Day is none other than Valentine’s day. A day where lovers express their feelings for their significant other in the most romantic way possible just to see them smile and feel special. And isn’t it amazing to see two people making time for each other in this busy and chaotic lives? With adopting a healthy lifestyle becoming a trend, this Valentine’s day help your partner become healthy.

Listed below are some tips on how to celebrate a healthy Valentine’s Day:

  1. Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts:
    Ditch the candy and roses and start gifting your significant other something healthy. Purchases healthy products like a fruit basket instead of a box of chocolates or bake a healthy Valentine’s day dessert which is low in calories. You should also know that a number of sugar-free candies are easy. If you don’t want to add inches to your waistline, a spa date or a personal training session is a great idea.
  2. Redo The Red:
    Red color signifies Valentine’s day and we all know about it, but do you know that there are innumerable red dishes that are healthy for you and your partner? If you are planning a romantic dinner try incorporating foods like strawberries, radicchio, tomatoes, red bell peppers, and red onions. These will make your romantic dinner into a healthy Valentine’s day dinner as all of the mentioned fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and fiber.
  3. Dance till you Die:
    Do you want a healthy Valentine’s day celebration? You can do that by enrolling you and your partner into a dance class. Dancing is known to rejuvenate the mind and also to improve your mood. So let have a romantic and healthy tango with your loved one this Valentine’s.
  4. Create your Day:
    Try to do something creative together. Even if it is a healthy cooking class, art class or a preventive health package. These activities will enable you to spend quality and precious time together and you will learn a new skill too.
  5. Keep your Portions in Mind:
    There is no food in this world that is overly bad or unhealthy for your body. However, we often keep eating whenever we want to disregard portion sizes. This is in most cases where the problem lies. Portion sizes play a huge role in a healthy lifestyle. It’s not because of a particular dish that you are putting on weight, the reason behind putting on weight is the portion of food you eat. So control our portions and make this Valentine’s day a healthy one.
  6. Social service:
    Celebrate by giving back. This Valentine’s day volunteer at a social organization together. It feels good and also gives a sense of internal satisfaction that you have done something different this Valentine’s day.

To enjoy the glow of the relationship you need to be healthy. So make a change this Valentine’s day and don’t forget to celebrate love every day of the year!

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