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19 Feb

8 signs that alcohol may have too much power in your life

To a certain extent, consuming alcohol at social events is almost becoming a norm. While there are some who cannot end their day without consuming alcohol, there are some who don’t drink too much but yet, consume alcohol in a capacity wherein, it almost begins to overpower their life. More often than never, people are unaware of when they are on the brink of alcohol overpowering their life. Most times people don’t know the answer to questions relating to the overconsumption of alcohol. How to control a drinking habit or how to know if you should quit drinking?

Here are 8 signs you should consider cutting back on alcohol. Know that if you’ve ever experienced any of the below mentioned moments, you should, in all sincerity, consider quitting the consumption of alcohol.

  1. You wake up lethargic and are often distracted through the course of the day:
    Even minimal amounts of alcohol are known to adversely impact REM sleep, which in turn, affects peaceful sleep throughout the sleeping hours. This results in an unproductive day ahead.
  2. You consume alcohol on more than just a couple of days of the week:
    Over time if you have noticed that you crave a drink on most days of the week, or alcohol is your go-to when you need to clear your mind, you should be aware that you fall into the category of those who need to quit consuming alcohol. In order to break the habit, it is recommended that you should set certain days of the week as non-drinking days.
  3. Every time you drink, you say “never again” or “last time”:
    If this is something you’ve been experiencing you most definitely need to cut alcohol consumption out of your life, if not forever, for a significant number of years at least. You could treat yourself to one drink occasionally, but cutting alcohol out completely is the best way to break the habit.
  4. Weight is a constant concern:
    Very often, exercising and dieting don’t have a good enough effect on weight. Alcohol contains so many unnecessary calories that, if you want to lose weight, you must and you should say goodbye to your dear drinks. In such situations, it may also be a good idea to make an appointment for preventive health care services and opt for affordable medical packages.
  5. Often thinking about whether or not you have a problem when it comes to alcohol:
    If questions like “Am I an alcoholic?”, “Does drinking more than x number of drinks makes me an alcoholic?”, “Do I drink too much?” cross your mind a lot, then maybe you should take a closer look at your drinking concerns.
  6. Struggling to get through the “dry” phases:
    Regardless of how long the period maybe, a couple of hours, a day or a month, if you struggle to get through the abstinence periods, you should take a deeper look into your drinking habits.
  7. If you just cannot get through certain events without drinking:
    Healthy drinkers can easily sit through a meal, movie, social gathering, or game without feeling the need to consume alcohol. However, if you find it difficult to even imagine such an event without an alcoholic drink of any sort, you might want to take a call on limiting or completely quitting your alcohol consumption.
  8. You feel there’s something else out there for you:
    It’s tough to put into words what exactly this feeling is. But if you feel you just cannot deal with feeling sick, lethargic, lazy, and low the following morning, it’s high time you bid bye-bye to alcohol.

No one has ever claimed their decision of cutting alcohol out as a bad one. Instead, it has always impacted lives positively. Women, curb your drinking by consuming not more than 2-3 drinks per day and not more than 7 drinks per week. Men, use this tip to reduce your drinking habit: 3-4 drinks per day and not more than 14 drinks per week.

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