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15 Mar

10 Reasons You Need A Pet

reasons to have pet

There is a reason dogs are referred to as “Man’s best friend”. Pets are extremely important in the life of a person who lives alone or suffers from aspects of loneliness. People might ask “How are pets beneficial to humans?”, or “Why do we keep pet animals at home?”. Pets help you to get out of your head and focus on what’s going on around you.

Although I’ve mentioned a dog here, this fundamental principle applies to all pets. Not everyone wants a dog, however, there are many different sorts of animals that you can keep as pets not just dogs or even cats. There’s no one pet that’s perfect for everyone, everyone has their own opinion on what a good pet means. Here we’ll discuss the reasons why you should have a pet in your life.

1. Pets will always love you – unlike a transactional reaction, pets are able to give the sort of love that is unconditional. Even if you do not have the energy to return the love, just knowing that it is there and having it around you is enough to uplift your mood and spirit. This is one of the advantages of keeping pets at home.

2. Emotional health gets better when you’re caring about something more than yourself. Getting some love as well as giving it can help you take your mind off of your problems and back to something that’s real. If you’re wondering “Does having a pet help with anxiety”, the answer is also a yes

3. Physical health also gets better, when you have a dog you have to take it on constant walks and that helps your own physical health as well. This is one of the health benefits of having pets at home.

4. Animals help ease suffering – Animals help ease symptoms of illnesses. Having a pet helps with depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental illnesses. So for those asking “Does owning a pet reduce stress?”, the answer is a definitive “Yes”. They provide warmth and comfort that helps people get out of their mindset of suffering.

5. Investing in life – Often times we get caught in a slump and don’t know what is happening or where we’re going in our life. However, having a pet and caring for one gives you the motivation that you are responsible for another life.

6. Lowered blood pressure – just the simple act of petting a creature and relaxing with it gives the advantage of lowered blood pressure, having a pet is beneficial to health as this lowered blood pressure means that you are taking less stress and hence it is fighting signs of aging. If you do think you are aging too quickly you can look into getting a health checkup package or a preventative health checkup package to curb these signs of aging.

7. When you’re saving a pet from an animal shelter, it makes you feel better as well. Saving a life makes yours better, fundamentally. It plays to the human instinct of wanting to care for something other than yourself.

8. Protection – Some pets provide protection such as dogs. This is simply an added advantage of having a pet, they protect you from things that you might not have realized before. Dogs usually bark when they feel that something is wrong, they have an animal instinct, and this could prove to be very useful to you in many situations.

9. Having a pet can expose you to new interests and activities, and even new people! Having a dog and taking it out for a walk you might meet new people that you wouldn’t have met otherwise. It can also expose you to new hobbies and activities.

10. Having a pet can give you a routine and hence help with discipline. Many people struggle with implementing discipline in their lives, struggle with not being able to do things consistently. Having a pet would allow you to inculcate this discipline and hence be a good driving force for improving your life.

Having a pet has a net positive impact on your life. If you’re even slightly an animal person, you should definitely consider getting a pet – it would considerably improve your life.

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