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Front End Tech, Dev Team

Angular JS  +   jQuery  +   HMTL 5  

You will be responsible for implementing the ‘first experience’ that our users get when they use our platform. All the visual elements that users see and interact with. You will also be responsible for working in deep collaboration with the Back End Tech, Dev Team.

  •   Front-End Engineer
  •   HTML 5, Angular JS & jQuery
  •   One Year
  •   Industry Comparable
  •   Be a part of the Core Team.

Back End Tech, Dev Team

Laravel  +   Php  +   Node.js  +  GOLANG

If you like looking at the Engine, more than the Car itself, then chances are that you like to write code to help the server-side applications and databases, while ensuring that it functions well with the front-end code and providing a seamless end-user experience. If you have the Brains and the right Attitude, we may have a position for you on our Team.

  •    Back-End Engineer
  • Laravel + Php + Node.js + GOLANG
  •   One Year
  •   Industry Comparable
  •   Be a part of the Core Team.

Product Management & Quality Check

Know enough Tech to be dangerous  +   good project management skills  

You will be required to collaborate with cross-functional team (such as marketing, sales, engineering, finance, quality assurance/testing, customer service, operations etc. You will be responsible for defining the why, when, and what of the product that the engineering team builds. This means you will lead cross-functional teams from a product's conception all the way through to its launch. Lastly, you will work with Company leadership on setting a product vision and strategy.

  •   Product Manager
  •   Php + HTML + QC Tools
  •   Three Years
  •   Industry Comparable
  •   You get to blend Tech with Business.

HTML 5 Web Developer

Bring UI/UX to Life  

You will need to be proficient with the basics of coding and markup language, as well as photoshop, word press and responsive design. Some experience in UI/UX Design will be an added benefit.

  •   HTML Engineer
  •   HTML 5
  •   Two Years
  •   Industry Comparable
  •   You get to collaborate on UI/UX
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