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How it works.Simple and easy to implement across organizations of any size or geographical footprint.
The collective health of your organization is important - more so now than ever before. QubeHealth works with employers that care to create a healthy work environment for their employees, by assessing the physical and mental health of individuals within an organization. The HWC serves as a means to let all your stakeholders, including customers, know that you are a Company that Cares. A badge of honor to attract and retain the best talent. A way to benchmark yourself against the best employers in your industry.
There are two parts to the healthy workplace certification process - a Physical Health Check, which covers complete physical assessment of the individual's body functions and a check for communicable diseases (including COVID-19 if symptoms are seen). A Mental Health Check, which covers an individual's assessment for depression, stress, and anxiety using an internationally recognized method. The physical health check is conducted at the place of work OR the individual's home. The mental health check is conducted online in an 'anonymized' manner.
The individual employee being assessed becomes self-aware about their own physical and mental health while getting a glimpse of how they score against their peers of the same age group and gender. The collective score of every employee's score, adds up to a score for the organization as a whole - again, benchmarked against your peer companies within the same industry. The individual and the organization uses the QubeHealthScore to better themselves every year, leading to lower insurance costs and a healthier workplace.
Certified organizations work with QubeHealth to administer health programs that help the employees get healthier. Qube brings together a nationwide network of health service partners that can impact everything from counseling to chronic-care management, from helping healthy employees to maintain their health to the not-so-healthy get better. The objective is to raise the health score index for the entire organization by the next certification anniversary.
100% Safe, Secure and Confidential. We are led by GDPR guidelines as a basis for everything we do. The individual's health data is maintained securely on the cloud and is anonymized, as is the organization's collective data. Physical health checks can be conducted at the place of work OR on request, at the employee's home. Mental health checks are conducted securely and confidentially - online as per the convenience of the employee.


My team’s physical and mental well being is important to me. What’s even more important, is for me to know if we’re doing a good job at it or not. That’s where the HWC comes in.
Priyanka S

Group CEO, Digital Republik

Ensuring positive outcomes from our employee wellness initiatives is key to our long term HR goals. HWC is a great way for us to benchmark what we do and track our performance.
Gaurav G.

M.D. Foresight Industries

Knowledge is important. Knowledge about one's own self is even more important. With Qube's HWC, my team now knows about their own physical and mental health.
Renuka M.

HR Head: Avast Media

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Show your employees that you care, for their overall health and well-being. Use actionable insights that help you build a healthier team, year on year. Run outcome-assessment oriented health programs for your employees throughout the year that really mean something. Healthier employees means more productive teams and reduced insurance costs.

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Healthier Outcomes, THROUGH MEASUREMENT.

QubeHealth’s proprietary and proven methods of physical examinations, assess an individual’s physical health, while ensuring confidential assessment of mental health. All data is anonymized, yet insightful – to the individual employee and the organization as a whole.

The process is simple to implement, usually at the workplace (we bring our lab technicians to you), coupled with confidential online surveys that care for an employee’s privacy.

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Creating a Healthy Workplace environment, starts by establishing a base line measurement.